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Kirby Return to Dreamland

New game of Kirby’s Return to Dream Land for the Nintendo Wii

It is always exciting when new video games come out, and this October is the perfect time for gaming fans to get excited. One of the games that is set to be released is Kirby’s Return to Dream Land. This is the 11th Kirby platformer and it is good fun to play. Players will have the usual ability to advance through the world of the game by inhaling enemies and copying their abilities. This is pretty standard, however the new feature is a multiplayer option that caters for up to four players.

This means that you can join in with your friend’s game whenever you want to. If you have been playing Partypoker and fancy a change of entertainment, then grab a spare Wii remote and join in with the fun. There are different choices of who you can play as, there ate the options of multiple Kirbys, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee or King Dedede. Kirby is the only player that can inhale other characters and use them to his advantage, however the other characters have their own sets of abilities. Characters can also ride each other  which means the game does not have to be paused whenever someone wants a toilet break, as well as making for some hilarious moments.

If it is likely that other players will be a bit cheeky and not look after your character, you can always just drop out of the game for a short while, joining back in when you are ready. This helps to continue the flow of the game, meaning that the fun can go on for longer without interruptions. Kirby’s Return to Dream Land is set to come out before Christmas, making a great present for people and giving players something to do during those dark winter months.

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