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Just Imagine… The Video Game Industry

The gaming industry is perhaps the youngest form of popular entertainment in existence today (cases could be made for some others, but let’s stick with video games), and like a younger sibling trying to make their mark on the word, the game industry likes to do things by its own rules.

We just wanted to take a moment to reflect… to imagine if you would… what other industries would be like if they followed in gaming’s footsteps.

In the world of the written word, you can now jump into the action with the bonus prologue for pre-ordering a novel. And if that wasn’t a bonus enough, you’d get to pay 5 bucks a month later to acquire the epilogue to your favorite books!

To bolster sales of 3D movies and to reward “true” fans, the movie industry has decided to include bonus scenes in 3D showings of popular movies. The scenes won’t be important to the overall plot, but will help flesh out characters and plot points.

TV shows will follow a new episodic format, where each episode is released approximately 2 years after the last. It may or may not feature the same cast, settings and network.


To curb the selling of old CDs and records, music companies will now require consumers to enter a code before listening to their favorite tracks. Customers who purchase used will still get to hear the melody, but without any lyrics.

The comic industry… will continue its course.


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