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Just Imagine… FLUDD The Video Game

The GameCube may not have been Nintendo’s most successful consoles, but it may have been their most experimental in terms of their core franchises. Metroid turned into a First Person Adventure game (their term), The Legend of Zelda took on a Saturday morning look and Super Mario decided to take a vacation on Delfino Isle.

Nintendo also introduced quirky side characters to their big games like Professor E.Gadd in Luigi’s Mansion and FLUDD from Super Mario Sunshine. FLUDD encouraged a different set of skills and tasks for Mario in Super Mario Sunshine and while reactions to the game are mixed, it was a clever addition.

Sadly, Nintendo has kind of done away with FLUDD in the Galaxy era, and while I wouldn’t lament not getting a Sunshine sequel since the Galaxy games are of much higher quality, I do think the idea of FLUDD has a lot of merit outside of Sunshine.

So Just Imagine:

Plus the scope and size of

And a new original character from Nintendo, and you have the makings of a very interesting new IP.


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