Hulk Hogan Day!

In celebration of the 4th of July here on Nerds on the Rocks, we are declaring today, Hulk Hogan Day!

Why is it Hulk Hogan Day, you may ask? Because his most famous theme song told us, he was a Real American!


And then when he switched companies, we found out he was American-made. Not imported from Taiwan!


But we aren’t just declaring it Hulk Hogan day because of some catchy theme songs. The man is also a movie icon starring in some of the greatest films of all-time.

Who could forget his big-screen debut, opposite another American-icon, Rocky, in Rocky III


A role that would catapult his career into the stars!

He would follow this up with the highly motivational and inspiring No Holds Barred. A movie that proves everyone can be a failed wrestler, who returns to the ring and proves successful!


And people thought Captain America advocated the use of steroids!

Long before Will Smith did it, Hulk Hogan was defending us from an alien invasion in Suburban Commando!


Granted, he was an alien himself, but we can forgive him for that, no?

Perhaps, Hogan’s greatest turn in acting was portraying another major icon, Santa Claus, in Santa with Muscles!


We only tipped the iceberg of Hogan’s colorful career as an actor! So many options, we recommend watching them all on this Hulk Hogan Day!


Earl Rufus

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