Gotham: The Fearsome Dr. Crane Review

Fish Mooney reveals a secret of Oswald Cobblepot’s, prompting Maroni to take him on a trip to test his loyalty. Meanwhile, Gordon and Bullock hunt down a killer who targets victims with severe phobias and Bruce Wayne confronts Gordon for failing to make progress on his parents’ murder case.

No one in Gotham understands how romance works. The Cranes make their debut, and Fish has a strange encounter.

  1. What was that ending? Seriously, what the hell was that ending?
  2. A fear of baby pigs is a thing? If that isn’t the most adorable phobia in the world!
  3. Romance in Gotham is strange. Edward Nygma expresses his love through odd riddles and presents. Bullock lays it on thick while laughing at your phobias. Gordon decides its best to talk shop as a romantic endeavor. Some… interesting paths to love. For the most part though, seem to have worked by the end of the episode.
  4. I’ve always been a fan of Falcone’s calm demeanor compared to a lot of the cast. His counterpart, Maroni, was a bit more cartoon-ish by comparison, but this episode gave him that dark, silent edge. That “Truth” game with Penguin was extremely tense, and worked out well. Wish he didn’t slightly undermine it with the cartoonish plot to kill the Penguin and the eventually escape. ThePenguin_Maroni
  5. The Penguin really doesn’t take failure as a setback. Falcone has him “killed” in the pilot, he’s back in Gotham in no time. Maroni tried to kill him… he’s ready to return to Gotham by the end of the episode. I would lay low for a bit. Maybe recover and wait for the heat to calm down, but I guess that’s me!
  6. The introduction of the Cranes is fascinating and another two-parter for the show. Though, it is becoming a bit too convenient that these supervillains have pretty messed up parents as well. Ivy’s father was the Waynes “murderer,” Black Mask’s dad had a sick fetish for an interview and now Father Crane is extracting the fear gland from patients… work his son will no doubt carry on.
  7. This is one of those episodes that probably tried a bit too much to get everyone on-board. There were blink and you miss it appearance from Bruce, Selina and a reference to Barbara. Seems like her relationship with Gordon has officially ended off-screen, and he doesn’t seem too heartbroken about that. Don’t blame him, but still….

Seriously, what was that ending? It made me curious for the resolution, but was also just utterly bizarre and out of nowhere. A solid entry in Gotham with their weird notion of courtship.

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