Flashback Saturday: Fantastic Four – The Origin of the Fantastic Four

Get your bowl of cereal ready. Your most comfortable pair of pajamas. Flashback Saturday Morning is back! Every Saturday, we’ll try to bring you an episode from a cartoon of yesteryear. All for the nostalgia. 

The latest Fantastic Four movie doesn’t seem to be to anyone’s fancy. It currently sits at 9% on Rotten Tomatoes, and is tracking for one of the worst openings for a comic-book movie of all-time. Unlike most of the internet though, we aren’t here to beat-up on the movie.

No we’re here to remind you of happier times. The Fantastic Four aren’t strangers to the world of animation starring in several animated series throughout their long, and storied-history. Some of them more loyal than others.

But for my generation, there was really only one. During the peak of the Marvel Animated push of the 90s, the Fantastic Four had their own series. And today we present the very first episode: The Origin of the Fantastic Four!

Earl Rufus

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