Dual Wielding 74: Wii U Go Monster Hunting

This week we bring you another jam-packed episode. We start it off with hands on impressions of the Wii U and several major titles including NintendoLand and new Super Mario Bros 2. Then we talk about Dust 514 and DOTA 2, and just what does and doesn’t work in the free 2 play environment. News has its own kick off point with Capcom’s Summer Jam. New information and footage of Monster Hunter 4 and EX Troopers. We talk more about the 3DX XL and the XL Circle Pad Pro! Delays, release dates and one potential studio closing rounds out the rest of the news.

So get your snuggle and some iced tea, this episode of Dual Wielding is live!

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2 Responses

  1. zap_brannigan456 says:

    Did I hear there was a DOTA 2 beta key up for grabs?

  2. zap_brannigan456 says:

    Did I hear there was a DOTA2 beta key up for grabs?

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