Dual Wielding 34: Get N to Announcements

We are officially a week away from e3, and the buzz has reached fever levels. Announcements, announcements, announcements dictate the first half of the podcast, Hulk Hogan’s got a Kinect title, Microsoft’s got a new action-RPG, Shinobi’s got a new dimension, and House of the Dead is extended its run! The second half of the podcast is all about the Big N at e3 2011. We talk everything from what the Wii will offer in its final years, to what Nintendo needs to do to turn around the 3DS momentum and finally we land on Project Cafe.

As always, this episode is overflowing with content so don’t walk, run to Dual Wielding!

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As we make note in the episode, gonna do a special E3 Predictions podcast this weekend ahead of the festivities. And we want as many fans’ predictions and most anticipated titles as possible.

You can record your own and drop us a line at 347 470 6373 or e-mail us at DW@NerdsontheRocks.com

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  1. Nino_M says:

    I will call once I’m over the fact that Kojima is not showing up.

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