Dual Wielding 2: We’re Back

After what seems like an eternity (and several guest spots on NoTR), we were able to round up the four meanest, toughest, baddest hombres this side of the Atlantic. One so tough he cuts himself just to prove he will bleed for his passion. Another, who rode into town just to run off some local at the Starbucks. The third well he just sits there. Once that is settled, the three hombres sit down to talk manly stuff and share tales of triumphant and terror. They spin a yarn about e3 and talk about the big games on the big stage. There is a heated firefight as they debate the values of graphics versus art style. They join ranks with some of the meanest hombres in the history of the moving picture like Dr. No and Goldfinger as they take aim at James Bond. From Hombres With Love, Dual Wielding Episode 2 is now live.

(Oh and we haven’t forgotten the 4th, he is so deadly that he doesn’t utter a word as his voice alone would send you into a catatonic state.)

[audio: https://nerdsontherocks.com/podcasts/dw/Dual_Wielding_-_Episode_2.mp3]

Download Episode 2

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