For Your Consideration: Piranhas 3DD – Best Acting

Every year the Academy Awards picks winners in a host of categories from Best Picture to Best Score, and every year there is a plethora of movies that are left off the shortlist to even be nominated. Here at Nerds on the Rocks, we are looking to rectify that situation by sharing with you some movies, actors, scores and the works that we felt were snubbed during their year of release. Welcome to, “For Your Consideration.”

For Your Consideration

Best Supporting Actress – Katrina Bowden as Shelby

Movie – Piranhas 3DD

Release Year – 2012

Sometimes all it takes is one scene to turn a performance into a star-making moment and that’s exactly what Katrina showcases in this scene from Piranhas 3DD. The fear, the anger, the confusion, the shock, all the emotions she is able to convey in less than 10 seconds is an utter delight. This will be a scene showcase in film schools for generations to come.

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