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Comic Book Reviews: Mike’s Haul 9/4/2013

Infinity #2

Written by: Hickman

Art by: Opena & Weaver

Another great issue by Hickman, only accentuated by the different artists for the two different plots. It was a great idea of splitting the middle 4 issues of Infinity with Weaver taking the Earth/Thanos plot line and Opena taking the Avengers/Builders plot lines. And while the last two issues of Avengers and New Avengers (which Marvel recognizes) are more than just tie-ins, Hickman does a good job of balancing what has happened in those issues in the narrative of the story. While I had a very negative reaction to 3 pages being taken up by credits/recap/roster in Avengers, I do feel the white chapter pages make a lot of sense and helps break up such a dense story in Infinity. And while the roster page is getting more and more filled, I do find it essential for the newer characters such as the Black Order and the Builders (and their crew). As a long time Marvel fan, I still have a nagging question about how the Builders co-exist with the Celestials, but I do find the Earth/Thanos story line to be fascinating and the larger Avengers/Builders cosmic war to be more and more interesting and much better than what I had come to expect in Avengers.

Review Score: 6 (out of 7) 


 Forever Evil #1

Written by: Johns

Art by: Finch


To be upfront: I’m a big fan of Geoff Johns, I’ve enjoyed much of the New 52 (though I think I recognize fair criticism of both the change and DC editorial and higher-ups) and I read Trinity War. I also am not a big fan of Finch’s art. And while I have significant issues with Finch’s art in this comic, I thought this was a fantastic issue. It sets up the state of the DCU at that current moment (or at least on Earth) with the Crime Syndicate and the very possible enormous Secret Society but also introduces readers into what I assume will be our two lead characters (apart from the Crime Syndicate) the New 52 Lex Luthor (who after 2 years have not been explored hugely) and Nightwing. While the news and the internet will tell you that what happened to Nightwing is the biggest thing that happened in Forever Evil #1, and I can see where they are coming from, I’d also argue that Lex goes through the start of a pretty big change. For the first time, there is something worse that Superman for Lex and for the first time in the New 52, and to my memory not just there, Lex has to be a hero. That’s almost as big as the world possibly knowing Nightwing’s identity.

I say possibly, because while Nightwing’s identity as Dick was in the pre New 52 DC waspossibly the worst kept secret ever, Bruce could always hire Dick a publicist when this is all over and make up a story that the Crime Syndicate picked him off the street. And while many will compare this to Spider-Man’s unmasking in Civil War, I think that long-term, more like Daredevil. I think that this will be part of Dick’s life, but in the same way it’s part of Matt’s life now. And some will say, how does this not lead to Bruce, and I would counter that in the New 52 continuity, it so harder to trace this back to Bruce than in pre New 52 DCU where it seemed every hero knew Dick was Nightwing, that Dick Grayson dated a alien super hero and hung out with know super heroes like Wally and Roy.

Finch’s art is, at best, serviceable. After coming off a crossover with Reis, Manke and Janin, Finch’s art is such a let down. As long as it stays at this level, I think it won’t take away in any large way from Forever Evil. I also hope, as I do with all events, that issue one is set-up and we are off to the races with issue 2. Johns has done this before with events and I hope he repeats it. This has the ability to be a really good event, but time will tell.

Review Score: 6 (out of 7)
 Superior Spider-Man #17

Written by: Slot

Art by: Stegman

I don’t usually get Superior Spider-Man but I picked it up this week cause this arc is focusing on Spider-Man 2099. This would ordinarily be a exciting and cool crossover but with the added element of the Otto/Peter situation it’s a fun twist. It’s also interesting to see what seems to be the Green Goblins cult/underworld army and the new status quo for Liz Allan. The main plot has to do the 2 Wolverines and a Sue Storm (or Bendis) breaking time and Spider-Man of 2099 grandfather is in danger of dying before his son is born. This ties into a larger plot line that Slott has been building with Stone and Horizon Labs, which is nice to see Slott’s long term planning. I’m looking forward to see how this visitation from 2099 Spider-Man affects the longer story that Slott is telling with Superior, and I hope this isn’t just a one tick type of thing and frankly, I’d love to see more focus on the entire 2099 world or just Spider-Man from there. Stegman’s art fits very well for a book that is different from a ‘normal’ Spider-Man book – with Otto/Peter in the lead, and a very arrogant and selfish Miguel, his art fits such a different type of story that this is.

Review Score: 5 (out of 7)


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