Comic Book Reviews – Josh’s Haul 6/5/13

We are trying something different this week in regards to comic book reviews. Each week each member of the team will pick three books from their haul to review. Then out of all the books we review we will each pick out book of the week and post what the book was and why we picked it. Currently we have three people in the team and we hope to increase this as well as make improvements along the way! So please stick will us and we hope you enjoy seeing more reviews!

Comic Book Review Team:
Josh (@joshraj9)
Frank (@cizco)
Mike (@MikeFitz538)

Detective Comics #21
Written by: John Layman
Art by: Scott Eaton

I have not been to impressed with Detective Comics since the new 52, which could be because of how much I enjoy Batman as well as Batman & Robin. I am glad to see the end of Emperor Penguin and a new story beginning. Seeing a new assassin in Gotham is interesting. I always am excited about a League of Assassins story because I feel like there is going to be a lot of twists and turns. This new assassin is exactly that and could bring some complexity to her and Batman’s history, which was a nice tie back to issue #0.

While I felt the art suffered in the issue, the story was strong for a batman book i feel has been lacking. We get the return of Harper Row, who helps save the day again. I am rooting more and more for her to become the next Robin. Overall, the art was lacking making Harper appear older, but the story was interesting, with a nice call back and the return of Harper Row!

Review Score: 4/7

Superior Spider-Man #11

Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli

First off, I will say that this story of Doc Ock being Spider-Man has really interested me, and I know I’m in the minority. We get an issue where Ock really shows just how “superior” he is. This is not always a good thing. Toward the end of the issue we see him basically be ten steps ahead of his villain and this kind of leaves out the suspense of the fight. I will say that could have to do with Ock having experience of being the the prison himself and knowing all of the escape routes and how to be prepared for when the escape attempt occurred.

This issue I will say had some of the best art so far in the short time being titled Superior Spider-Man. This issue we are again without Peter, or his conscience for that matter. I was enjoying when Peter would pop up and try to communicate with his body and try to be somewhat the moral compass for this new Spider-Man. That is something I do miss in the last couple of issues. I also will say that this is the best post Peter conscience issue. Overall, Superior Spider-Man had some fantastic art, and good story mainly still seeing the world though Doc Ock’s eyes.

Review Score: 5/7

Swamp Thing #21

Written by: Charles Soule
Art by: Jesús Saíz

Swamp Thing was one of the surprises of the new 52. The even bigger surprise might be how the quality has not gone down post Scott Snyder. I want to get the bad out of the way first. I am not the biggest fan of the art post Snyder, but other then that the story has been great. This issue we get a good intro into a dynamic female character, Capucine. Also the return of the Parliament of Trees.

One of the great moments is seeing Swamp Thing able to talk to the Swamp Things of the past particularly the one from 800 years ago. With this Swamp Thing was able to view the past and find out a bit of what had happened. The conversation between the two about finding something to take meaning from was very interesting and welcomed. I hope we get more interactions with the past Swamp Things, but as far as the current story I am glad we him taking matters into his own hands and doing what is important to save the day. Overall, this issue is the best post Snyder and really gives us some cool new ideas/powers that Swamp Thing can do!

Review Score: 5/7

Josh Raj

Financial Analyst by day, DC Superhero by night! Fan of all things DC (Batman and Green Lantern). You can find me on Twitter: @joshraj9

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