Bears n Fears 7: When Animals Attack

We love a good pun, who doesn’t! For the 7th annual (sweet jeebsus we’ve been doing this a long time) Beers n Fears, we’re focusing on Animal Attack movies with a more laser-focus on movies featuring bears.

You may think this is a highly specialized field of movies to feature, and truthfully you’ll be damn right. We’ll do our best to rack down these movies and cover them to the best of our abilities! feedthefears

But it won’t be all frights, as bears will be the focus of this month’s “After These Messages…” to brighten up your mood every Saturday!

Now let’s get to the rules modifications.

  1. Stab to the heart, you’re too late! The murderer kills someone. Take a drink.
  2. Let’s Fall Down– This is a combination rule. Drink if someone is being pursued by the killer and trips! And drink if the person knocks down the killer, but decides to stop and check to see if they are still alive.
  3. The Horror Movie Idiot Tropes– This is a bit encompassing rule, but you know those moments in horror films! Take a drink when a character runs UP the stairs instead of trying to exit a place. A drink whenever someone decides it’s in their best interest to split up! And take a drink whenever someone checks out that suspicious noise!
  4. Playing With Your Food – How often does the killer confront his soon to be victim and not kill them right away? Take a drink for every limb lost before the kill or for any sadistic tortue method the killer pulls off.
  5. Scaredy Cat– Whenever there is a cheap jump in the film, take a drink. If the cheap trick turns out to be an actual cat, take 2 drinks!

Bears Edition!

  • Animal Attack – For any marks left by the animals, bites, clawing, tearing and the sort, take a drink.
  • A Roar in the Night – For any non-verbal communication by the animal, roars, growls, howls and the sort, take a drink.

And there you have it, join us Fridays throughout the month as we get our Animal Instincts on.

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