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Well the week is finally here! The championship round of Battle Royale! We have a very interesting battle ahead of us this week! I am expecting a lot of votes and a close battle! Star Wars was able to upset Indiana Jones! Will it take down James Bond as well? The next few days will be a sprint the finish to see who will be crowned our champion!

First we have Skyfall by Adele the acclaimed theme song for the Skyfall movie! This song is really well done and the perfect song to celebrate 50 years of the beloved spy! Will this song be enough to top the challenger?


Star Wars Theme Song.
This song is a song that is known by all nerds! It did do the unthinkable and knock off an excellent theme song in Indiana Jones. Will it have the fight left in to take down a bad ass such as James Bond?


Do you prefer Luck Skywalker or James Bond? A lightsaber or a gun? Star Wars or Skyfall? Vote Now!

Also be sure to come back and vote in December as we will have Battle Royale Christmas Style!

Josh Raj

Financial Analyst by day, DC Superhero by night! Fan of all things DC (Batman and Green Lantern). You can find me on Twitter: @joshraj9

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