Bar Banter: Movie Achievements

You’ve come home from the theater. You’ve just seen the most recent blockbuster film. Now what? I mean you’ve already seen the film, there’s really no reason to see it again? I mean you know all the plot beats. You know how the story ends!

But we’re here to encourage you to rewatch that film! How? By giving you an incentive, introducing the NoTR Movie Achievement List! Now, you can not only re-watch a movie with a cause but earn shiny points as well!

  1. At The Movies– (75 M) You watched a movie during its initial├é┬átheatrical├é┬árun.
  2. Home Cinema– (50 M) You’ve viewed a movie in the comfort of your own home.
  3. Better with Friends– (30 M) You’ve checked out a film with at least one friend around.
  4. Direct me With Your Words– (25 M) Watch the film while listening to the director’s commentary.
  5. We’re All in This Together– (25 M)- Watch a film with the cast and crew commentary on.
  6. Making Of- (25 M) Check out the Making of Videos included on the disc.
  7. You Didn’t See This– (25 M)- Check out the gag reel, bloopers and deleted scenes from a film.
  8. Good For Them!– (25 M) Sit through the entire credits roll at the end of the film.
  9. We Must Go Deeper– (60 M) Watch all bonus material provided on a disc over the weekend.
  10. Egg Hunter– (10 M) Spot your first Easter Egg on the disc menu.
  11. Egg-citing– (20 M) Spotted half of the Easter Eggs in the package.
  12. Egg-raordinary – (50 M)- Found every Easter Egg in the package.
  13. ├é┬áLike Clockwork – (20 M) Kept your eyes open during the most intense scenes.
  14. Well.. Uh.. hmm– (20 M) Watch a questionable scene around your parents or kids.
  15. You Sly Dog – (69 M) Get caught re-watching a scene featuring brief nudity
  16. Sub-tle– (15 M) Watch the film with subtitles in a foreign language.
  17. Dub-step– (15 M) Watch a dubbed version of the film.
  18. Dubbed and Subbed– (25 M) Watch a film with both subtitles and dubbing enabled.
  19. I’ll Get to it When I Get to It– (5 M)- Watch a film while pausing at least 5 times.
  20. Did You See that?– (10 M)- Rewind the film at least once.
  21. Marathoner– (25 M) Finish a film without ever pausing, rewinding or fast forwarding through a part.
  22. Clue!- (10 M) Figure out the plot twist before anyone else and shout out what’s going to happen in the theater.
  23. What a Douche– (1 M) Spoil the movie for someone who hasn’t seen it yet.
  24. The Golden Rule– (100 M) Go a full year without spoiling the movie for anyone.
  25. Just Like the Good Ole Days– (75 M) Watch the film in black and white.
  26. Cinematic Immersion- (200 M)- Completed every achievement in watching the film.

For a grand total of 1010 M (Movie Points) How many will you unlock for your favorite film?

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