Bar Banter: Dota 2: play only the best of the modern classics at your leisure

Types of video games

Few decades ago no one could have imagined that it is possible make a living simply by playing video games. But now successful players easily can provide themselves with prize money or salaries to competitors. Appealing earnings are making these games more popular that offline ones.

What makes these eSports activities so addictive? Amazing graphics, plot, heroes, tournaments? Probably all these features together create great environment for testing your rival skills. Apart from engaging dynamics and invaluable experience it is possible winning money even for viewing only. One just has to make bets at and enjoy game.


There are plenty of various games to choose from. Most common genres include:

  • real-time strategy,
  • fighting,
  • first-person shooter,
  • multiplayer online battle arena.

Nowadays anyone is able to choose any game according to his likings but top rated are: Smite, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, StarCraft II, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends. Each one of them deserves special attention but here we will discuss Dota 2 as it is highly appreciated by players and has huge army of fans worldwide.

Dota 2 specifics

This single map play is much more difficult now as it has great diversity of items and heroes whose abilities have to be learned. Multiplayer online battle arena game with over 100 heroes is more complex than League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm and has more than 1 million active players online at the same time. Numerous heroes are divided into groups according to their strength, intelligence and agility. To avoid monotony players are allowed assuming various roles. The main goal is to destroy opponentsā€™ Ancient building.

New version has 3D graphicsĀ that offers unbelievable gaming experience along with exclusive perspective of the battlefield. This gave available for anyone as it is free to play.


Upcoming tournaments

Described MOBA game gathers millions of players in tournaments with massive prize pools. Among recent and upcoming tournaments following are worth mentioning:

  • Dota Pit League Season 5, Croatia
  • ESL One 2017 Genting, Malaysia
  • WESG 2016, China
  • WCA 2016, China
  • Boston Major 2016, USA
  • The Summit 6, USA
  • ROG MASTERS, Malaysia
  • NA BEAT Invitational, Canada

Top rated Dota 2 teams

Various international teams tested their luck in tournaments trying to score best points get best results. Here are the champions of Dota 2:

  1. OG team appeared in 2015 and today is the ultimate leader with 47.020 points and participation in 18 tournaments. Multinational team consists of players from Izrael, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Finland, etc;
  2. Second place belongs to Evel Geniuses, USA, with 38.400 points and appearance in 15 tournaments;
  3. Team Liquid, Nehterlands. It earned 37.504 points and took part in 19 tournaments.

Developers made the impossible and surprised players with outstanding quality, graphics and strategies. This game is a Must for every serious player.

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