New Artist Profile: Pull Start 33’s

The Pull Start 33’s are a new up and coming band that has potential to turn the music industry on its head. They are a two-piece band from Toledo, Ohio and offer some unique sounds that are sure to please. The band consists of Roy James Jr. (vocals, keys, guitar and bass) and Kyle D. Tucker (drums and percussion). The band says that they sort of stumbled upon the sound and decided to record over the winter, and what developed seemed to be an electrifying, bluesy, folk music baby. They state having influences from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Led Zeppelin, The Black Keys, The White Stripes, and The Avett Brothers. The mixture of these sounds is a very difficult feat to accomplish, but it is a sound the Pull Start 33’s seem to have it mastered in a big way; a way that will surely get them noticed. In today’s music industry it is all about being different, something this band surely is.  There have been a few songs leaked, one being “Friends” which has a bluesy Beatles sound to it.


The breakdown in the song has the old school feel, something that is missing in today’s music. The Pull Start 33’s will be releasing their first album titled “Back Home” this coming Friday.

If you are at all interested visit their site , and you can purchase their album on iTunes , or at . The Pull Start 33’s are sure to be THE electric can’t miss band of 2012. So I suggest you jump on the band wagon early and give this new unique band a listen.

Josh Raj

Financial Analyst by day, DC Superhero by night! Fan of all things DC (Batman and Green Lantern). You can find me on Twitter: @joshraj9

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  1. Bob Weaver says:

    Damn, these guys sound like they have some serious potential.

    Bluesy, but a good catchy feel to it that makes you want to keep listening.

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