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We love em here at the site. And I’m sure our audience loves it as well or you wouldn’t be reading this. What we sometimes forget or simply gloss over is that any of the products we enjoy are crafted by the hard-work of several men and women. Art Distillation will be our own look at the men and women who craft some of the works that we here On The Rocks enjoy.

As the idea grows, I hope to gain access to more industry vets and professionals who can not only share their story, but help out those like my first artist, get their big breaks.

With that said, let’s get back to basics with BASICK (see what I did there? So clever!)

I’ve had the personal honor of knowing the group (well not this particular one as they renamed themselves) for the better part of a decade now. At the time, I could only imagine they were rapping about Spongebob Squarepants and Bob The Builder (as a side note, could you imagine a Spongebob/Bob The Builder hardcore rap group? Can you say AMAZING idea?).  Now they are in High School, and who knows one day may be able to grow facial hair. I can’t make any promises here though!

Hailing from hell on Earth (that’s how I lovingly refer to it), BASICK consists of two members Phillip “PRhyme” Raimondi and Justin “J-Kill” Kilmer (We aren’t certain if he is related to Val, we also aren’t sure if that would make him cool or hated on this site) Two life-long friends, who enjoy laying tracks together. While J-Kill (and doesn’t this just read Xbox Live GamerTag? J-Kill has Killed You!) is off in Connecticut, I had a chance to speak with PRhyme about their work. So let’s jump to it.

When asked to give a brief introduction to all our lovely Nerds and Nerdites (we’re assuming there are female nerds reading this site)

I’m from Binghamton N.Y., the 6-oh-7. I’ve been producing/rapping since I was 8 years old. Just recently this past winter I began to produce my own music right at home in the comfort of my bedroom. The year I started rapping, my older brother Derek was my inspiration because he was doing the same thing when he was 16 at the time. I looked up to him and followed in those footsteps.

As I noted before, Binghamton, NY is Hell on Earth, and one day I shall explain why to my lovely audience. Being 8 and producing his own music would be interesting, if he wasn’t only 9 at the moment. I’ve had games last longer than that! (Sue me! Yes, it took me a year to finish Wind Waker 🙁 )

We can only imagine who this Derek fellow is. I would imagine some nasty hombre, probably sports an eye patch, a soul patch and a Nicotine patch to control the crazy.

This “brother” of his also seems to be a big part of his work routine as he is mentioned when asked about his typical procedure.

My brother’s great at making beats for me and my friends. When a beat comes around and has that particular sound, I don’t know how to explain it but I know it’s the type I want to make a song too. I listen to the beat until I figure out its layout and that’s when ideas pop into my head. The beat is like a sidewalk, it guides me sets the mood for I need to write about for that particular sound.

For the sake of full disclosure, this “brother” of his was also responsible for the main theme (when it is used) of Nerds on the Rocks. So there is one place you can check out his work.

Another however, is this sample I was able to secure with some of my many connections to the underworld of mixed martial arts and dog fighting.

[audio:|titles=Get Money inst.2]

After sampling the sample (oh man I’m on my game tonight!), I quizzed PRhyme on his thoughts on his work.

The material I create goes from my own original songs to remixes of real industry instrumentals by actual signed artists. I have bond with music, I get a feeling when something sounds the way it should be and I keep it that way when producing.

For some odd reason, he would not comment when asked about stealing P.Diddy’s gimmick (and boy am I dating myself with that reference).

This is a question, I think personally the most important question, that everyone artist, writer, musician, developer has to ask themselves. What do you do to keep yourself motivated? I mean when starting out you are struck by setback after setback. At the start, you won’t be the best, you won’t be the most popular, you may not even be the most well liked. You will have performances where 3 people show up, you will write an article that one person reads, you will release a game that no one plays, and you have to overcome that if you truly want to live your dreams.

And I’ll take a minute to be serious, and say that its rather nice that at 15, he has an answer and a reasoning for continuing his work.

Now that I’ve bored you, here is what he stated:

There’s multiple things that keep me making moves. The fact that I’m good at what I do is a start. The fans are another thing…I love getting the positive and negative feedback. It really gives me an idea of where I reside in this music field. It helps me improve my flaws and perfect as much as I can to my full potential as a producer/artist. Lastly is the fun I have doing what I do. Its my way of venting personally from my mind to the recording booth. Its my niche.

So like I said, its always nice to continuously ask yourself that question. And I think he gave the answer that I always find works best, that you have fun and enjoy doing what you do.

What about the times when work doesn’t become fun? What about when you are stuck and don’t know where to go?

There’s this thing called writers block. It’s the worst. This happens every now and then, I’ll go on a streak where my lyrics just blurt out uncontrollably. It’s a relief when I get them on paper so I can record. This way I can be on the next one. But when writers block comes around I just go with the flow, I don’t force what’s not going to happen. It’s more like a waiting game, where I do my normal routine everyday, then out of nowhere I’ll be making up lines in my head. When that finally happens I know my creativity in charged and ready to hopefully make hits again.

We wrapped up the interview with the toughest question of them all, Star Wars or Star Trek?

…..Star Trek…..

Ladies and gentlemen, we just got down with BASICKS! But no one leaves this party empty handed, check out below from a finalized version of a song using the beat from above.

[audio:|titles=Get Money-PRhyme & J-Kill]

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  1. Nate says:

    Rad beats. Does BASICK have a website so we can check out more of their music?

  2. bing says:

    yall are some punk ass bitches who cant rap lets hear a freestyle whit boys.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Its a good thing you’re a hater because you sound like a douche who can’t spell hahaha

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