Adventures of Superman #1 Review Shooter.

Writer: Jeff Parker

Artist: Chris Samnee

Over the past couple of years, the big publishers (Marvel & DC Comics) have been experimenting with digital comics. Marvel have their Infinite titles that make use of the comixology guided view technology; DC Comics have their Legends of the Dark Knight Series, an Arrow tie-in series and several others. The Adventures of Superman is DC’s latest venture into the digital-comics medium, a new on-going series, free from the current New 52 continuity. Its conception is very similar to what DC did for Batman and their Legends of the Dark Knight series, and it’s been timed to help draw new readers who go to see the Man of Steel movie (which is out later this summer).


This new series starts off with a very simple first issue: Superman faces off against a powerful and unstable maniac with telekinetic powers. I’m going to come straight out and say that it’s pretty great. Jeff Parker and Chris Samnee have start this series off on a high note.

For starters, the bad guy Superman has to take on is some junkie who got a wrong fix, so he’s not a regular super villain. This means that Superman can’t go into a straight out fight with the guy, which therein lies what I really liked about this comic. Superman tries to reason with the guy, which, admittedly, doesn’t end very well. But it’s more in character with Superman. His main focus is protecting the people and then he tries to talk the villain down. The story also ends with an appearance by a well known face which could either be a set-up for a future story or just more context for this issue.

The best thing about this comic though is the art. It is gorgeous. Since it’s not in New 52 continuity, we get the classic look of Superman and not the battle armour version we see in print. Chris Samnee makes the simplicity of the story look brilliant with his art, with his cartoonish and almost soft handed style. There are also plenty of Superman money shots, which is what every Superman comic needs.

New Reader Accessibility: Friendly. A continuity free Superman story that looks amazing and is a fun read.

Score: 7 (out of 7).

 Adventures of Superman #1 is available now on your tablet and smart-phone devices.

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