The 2014 E3 Prediction Game

We wanted to have a bit of fun with the final week leading up to e3. You may have already seen some of it with our pre-e3 Dual Wielding podcasts or Ask a Dork, but wanted a way for fans to get in on the fun as well.

Hence our e3 predictions game. We’re offer up some categories, and whoever has the most correct predictions. Will win something. Right now we’re thinking a Steam code for one of the games we have.


  • How many games will Sony showcase for the Vita? Will Project Morpheus have an on-stage demo?


  • What do you think a big “exclusive” third party title will be?


  • What Nintendo franchises will be showcased in a game at e3?

General Show

  • With all the recent delays, how many games do you suspect to see come out of e3 with 2014 release windows/dates?
  • How many brand new IPs will be revealed at E3? (does not include licensed games, spin-offs, reboots, etc)
  • Which of the following will we see/get updates on at E3: Mirror’s Edge 2, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Metroid Dread, The Devil’s Third, Prey 2, Fire Emblem X SMT, Yarn Yoshi, Art Academy, Agent, The Last Guardian, and Project Beast. (Reply with the ones that you believe will be mentioned at E3 in some capacity)
  • Will we see any new technology/hardware at this year’s show? (Yes/No)
  • How many revivals, reboots and remasters will we see?


  • Predict the song that will be used in the most trailers at the show.

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