151 Proof Movies: Van Helsing Drinking Game

Not often we get to tie in a movie with what’s happening in theaters and not have it be directly related. In this case though, we figured Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was right up our alley so we wanted to pick another action movie starring vampires. We got a ton of interesting suggestions, but ultimately we settled on Van Helsing.

There’s not much to say other than we’re going vampire slaying! So let’s get to the rules!

  1. My Name is What….– Every time someone says Van Helsing, take a drink. Also take a drink if he is referred to by Gabriel.
  2. There’s a Storm Brewing– Take a drink every time lightning is shown in the film.
  3. Reveal Your True Nature– Every time a human reveals itself to be a monster of some sort, take a drink.
  4. He’s Driving on Rooftops!– Every time Dracula is seen walking on walls or the ceiling, take a drink.
  5. That’s No Batarang– Every time Van Helsing uses a weapon or a gadget, take a drink.

Ladies and gentlemen, them be the rules for the Van Helsing drinking game. As always we will give them a test run, and report back to you over the weekend with results. You can also follow along live with the hashtag #151PM.

Earl Rufus

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