151 Proof Movies: The Room Drinking Game

After a week of sobriety, we are back with the 2nd installment of 151 Proof Movies. This time we shall tackle a more, let’s say unique movie, in The Room. Don’t believe us, take a look at the trailer below.


If you still want to watch the movie after watching that trailer, good on you. But we’re here to make the pain a little bit better. Let’s get to the rules!

The first set of rules, are for dialog exchanges between characters.

  1. Drink every time anyone says “Oh hi, _____” or “Oh hey, _____.”
  2. Drink every time someone says “Don’t worry about it.”
  3. Drink every time someone, including Mark, mentions that Mark is Johnny’s best friend.
  4. Drink every time Lisa states she doesn’t want to talk about something or “I don’t love Johnny.”
  5. Drink every time someone says Lisa is beautiful.

The second set is for the director’s artistic visions.

  1. Drink every time you see a spoon or a rose.
  2. Drink every time there’s a football in a scene.
  3. Drink every time Denny’s behavior makes you uncomfortable.
  4. Drink for every ass cheek you see.

So here we go, 9 solid and sample rules for the movie, The Room. This time, someone else shall be taking the reign of actually conducting this experiment. So we all wait for his great impressions.

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