151 Proof Movies: Resident Evil Afterlife

Ugh, is all I can say after checking out this movie last night under 151 Proof Movies rule. Both on the amount of alcohol one actually intakes and based on the quality of the movie (which I will “properly” review soon-ish)

Generally, the rules for most of these movies are written with some general knowledge of the films involved, it doesn’t mean we’ve seen them before. In the case of Resident Evil, I’ve seen the first 3 movies, but apparently completely forgot the 3rd one, but have not seen Afterlife. Thus, the rules for the franchise were based on the working knowledge of how the series progresses and it can bite you in the arse.

Within the first 5 minutes of the movie, there are close to a dozen instances where by our own rules you need to be drinking, and I’m assuming it might be more since I was being lax with the rules because I didn’t think the movie would start off so strong. By the 15 minute mark, already had a nice little buzz going. The movie does slightly slow down after the opening act, but it is a pretty consistent source of drinking.

The film’s middle act is kind of murky, but will get into that more with the review. Finally, the film’s climax if you’ve actually been playing by the rules can leave you pretty messed up. Which is probably for the best because you spent 90 minutes watching the movie! You deserve a nice, stiff drink afterwards.

Going forward, I don’t think I would change any rules, just say use at your own discretion.

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