151 Proof Movies Hangover: Judge Dredd

We said we would test our Action Movies rules, and what better way to do it then with a Stallone movie (well an Arnie movie probably could have been used, but I was in no hurry to visit a hospital last night!).

Now this was my first time watching Judge Dredd, there was really no reason why I avoided it, I hadn’t heard one way or another if the movie had a general good or bad reputation among nerds. I guess being fairly middle-ground means you don’t get talked about much.

I will say I did enjoy the movie as a whole. It isn’t close to the best comic book-inspired movie I’ve ever seen, but its a fun ride. And really it has Sly Stallone in the lead role, you get his usual… performance, which just made me smile through and through. I mean acting like an emotionless cop with little range, somehow works for him. The movie was light on action until the end, but I did kind of enjoy the world they establish, and was fun to learn about it.

Not surprising (it is called the annoying sidekick for a reason), but Rob Schneider’s character just pissed me off to no end. He served little purpose than to complain and whine about everything throughout the course of the movie. You know a character is bad when you are actively praying for them to be offed!

So my recommendation for the movie, is check it out if it is on, but don’t go out of your way to view it.

But my movie review isn’t why you are here! You want to know how well the drinking game went! Well before we start, I should say we did include a Judge Dredd specific rule (it was one of our stipulations, and helps give the movie a personal feel). So whenever Law or THE LAW was said in the movie we took a drink.

Suffice to say, that was the rule that got us drinking the most. Stallone shouts I am THE LAW, more times than any man should. Then there is a scene where they are talking about bringing Law to the Lawless because I am the Law, now can you dig that. So yeah The LAW hit us pretty hard.

The rest of the rules were kind of a mixed bag. As I mentioned before, the movie was short on action for the most part so we got some random explosions here and there, no major car chase scene, the love interest was weak, already mentioned how wanted to kill the annoying side kick. So I mean if you add in the Law its a decent drinking game. If you REALLY want to get messed up, you should drink whenever they say THE LAW and JUDGE.

Here are some random observations from Twitter.

1) Somehow skipped my mind that Judge Dredd is a comic movie. 2 James Earl Jones doing opening narration, nice
Rob What’s His Face shows up and I feel like downing my drink. He will be annoying as hell.
Drinking whenever Rob schneider is on screen. Really its to keep me sane.
Oh friend decided it would be wise to drink whenever they say LAW, wonder if either of us will laugh in the morning. 🙁
Dredd just blew up a car for a parking violation. The man is THE LAW.
Just over 50 mins into the movie, and about 7 shots in. This will be a short night for me!
Dredd’s mentor is taking his sweet time dying. Also think new rule. Take a shot when dying character explains plot points w/ final breathe!
Sadly, they have not killed Rob’s character yet. I guess there’s a reason we have the annoying sidekick rule.
The movie is done, I’m stil alive. Very drunk but alive. I thought the movie was decent. not awful

There you go, some of my thoughts from the Twitter-verse.


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