151 Proof Movies Hangover: Air Bud: World Pup

Our Air Bud month rolls along as we journey around the world with Buddy! The 3rd movie in the franchise deals with Josh, Buddy’s owner, budding romance with a new neighbor. As well as Buddy’s own romance with the neighbors’ dog. We also discover the miracle dog has the ability to play soccer! Let’s get to the score board!

Movie- 1

Swan- 1

Well I can sum this movie up in one word: boring. I honestly don’t remember what happened in it other than a dog played soccer. I remember the music being god awful. This review will be short because writing a review of a boring movie is nearly impossible.


I’ve always stated that I rather a movie be bad than boring. Bad is at least memorable if done right (most people can quote some part of Batman and Robin and you’ll always hear heated debates about the Matrix sequels or the Star Wars prequels), but boring just means you wasted your time. I kid you not, I was forgetting what happened in the movie while watching the movie, that’s how boring it was. Part of it is, that the Air Bud movies have a formula about them, and you can only do so much with it. The other part is that the sport element takes a major back seat in this film. If you ever check out these movies, I recommend skipping this one.

Drinking- 1

Swan- 1

Again I have to give this movie a 1. There was no real killer scenes that knocked our socks off and it was all pretty standard. I believe we used every rule once but nothing really to talk about here.

Penguin- 1

Much like the movie, I honestly don’t remember drinking much. Somewhere between movie 2 and 3, it became common for Air Bud to play sports so you don’t have many people questioning his ability to play, but actively cheering him as well. And like mentioned with the movie, the sport segment really takes a backseat so the dog puns are also kept to a minimum because it isn’t around as much.

This wasn’t the strongest film in the franchise, and even though it was a double header (as you’ll see in the next recap) it was also a very light night of drinking. I honestly don’t know what rules to add to have made this movie more enjoyable.

Another thing, we forgot to mention is that this is the first direct-to-video sequel in the franchise, and it really shows. Not only is the production values noticeable, but the dog, Josh’s mother and Josh’s step-father have all been recast as well.


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