The Perfect Gifts for the Geek in Your Life

Let’s face it, geeks are the new cool. No longer is it a word associated with those lacking social skills or looked upon as having a lesser standing in society. There may just be a geek inside us all and now that there’s no shame in openly admitting that you’re a geek you can start […]


Team Fortress 2 Goes Free 2 Play and Changes the Game

With the release of the “Uber update” for Team Fortress 2 last week, Valve announced that Team Fortress 2 will be come free to play “forever”. This was a pretty big move for Valve, one that may have a variety of effects on the current free to play market be it for developers, publishers, and/or […]

Modern Combat Domination – War Veteran Trophy

This MOVE supported First Person Shooter is actually better than it looks and better than many may expect at the low price-point it holds. Check out the following video of the War Veteran Trophy and see what life is like for soldiers in the new PSN title. Shout out to Paul Ireson @, Read […]