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Constantine: Quid Pro Quo Review

Chas faces a parent’s worst nightmare when thousands of people across Brooklyn slip into a mysterious coma, including his own daughter; and it’s up to John to figure out how to awaken the victims...


Nerds on the Rocks 186: TV Pilots Season 2014

We’re a few days away from the start of the 2014-2015 television season so we decided to take the time to run down the good, the bad and the selfie of the upcoming television...

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Comic Book TV Shows Pick-Ups

What a most glorious week it has been for comic fans. We knew that Arrow was renewed for a third season early in the year, but Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D joined its comic brethren in...

Review Shooter: X-men: First Class.

Review Shooter: X-men: First Class.

I think of myself as a causal X-men reader. I’m a Marvel boy, so I like the team and some of the individual characters, but the X-men universe is so large that it’s near enough...

Magneto’s First Class

Magneto’s First Class

I’m sure everyone has seen the X-men: First Class pictures floating about the internet, and if you haven’t we recommend tracking them down! What you may not know about the movie is that it...