Now that we are starting to post more reviews on the site, I felt it was time to explain our various systems at work.

Hey, it’s a day, which means we get to try a new review scale. You know what they say, 11th time is the charm (I honestly don’t know how many we’ve tried so far!). After trying everything under the sun, we thought it would be best to try the basic, and actually introduce a numerical scoring system. Only this one, would be something that spoke to us, and has the site’s unique sensibility to it. Without further ado,, I present our EGG APPS scoring system. All will be clear, going forward.

What is EGG APPS:

EGG APPS is our 7-point review scale that we hope will be flexible for us going forward. While, it will have a numeric value between 1-7, in our heads their will also be a general consensus about what the score means. And this is where the name EGG APPS comes from

  • 7-Excellent
  • 6-Great
  • 5-Good
  • 4-Average
  • 3-Passable
  • 2-Poor
  • 1-Shit

Take it all together, and you have EGG APPS.

There you have it, we will do our best to explain the score during our actual review, but this guide should come in handy.

7 & 7 Format

I’ve always wanted to share my thoughts on these things, but never felt it was necessary to add some 500 words on a subject that people have probably dissected in every interesting manner beforehand. Over the past week or so though, I’ve been stuck on this idea again and with the site adapting “7″ as our unofficial number, ideas began to form in my head.

Introducing 7 and 7 Reviews. The gist of it will be a more short-form review that highlights 7 core aspects of a product and how it adds up to the overall experience. Much like our reviews, we will also score these out of 7, hence the 7 & 7 title. As always, it is a work in progress so it will most likely go through some changes and modifications until we’re happy with it.