Zombie Survival Guide: Tip 1

At this point, we could all agree that a Zombie Apocalypse is coming. Its not a matter of if, but more when so here at Nerds on the Rocks, we want to offer you the most compelling Survival Guide for when the unfortunate event does take place.

At this point, most conventional wisdom would tell you when traveling during a Zombie invasion, you want to make no real human connections. People slow you down.

Now this is true, but people also slow zombies down. This may sound cold, but if you are being chased by a dozen undead killers, you may need a body or two to throw at them so that you have a better chance of getting away.

So Zombie Survival Tip 1: Travel in a group of people you can outrun.

Thank you and come back soon for more Zombie Survival Tips from the Nerds.

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