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Identity Crisis 10th Anniversary Review

Identity Crisis 10th Anniversary Review Writer: Brad Meltzer Artist: Rags Morales Inker: Michael Bair Letterer: Ken Lopez Colorist: Alex Sinclair Covers: Michael Turner This review does contain “spoilers,” but since it’s been out for...


Talk of the Town: Deadpool Vs. Anime Cons

He’s not the hero we need right now, but the one who’s a great deal of fun to watch. http://youtu.be/0c5mHyuCVZU   http://youtu.be/n4VmtFlWN5o   http://youtu.be/mtaMgozBD4s Ok, so there was also San Diego Comic Con. http://youtu.be/s-m-KGgK5o4...


NYCC ’11: Pokemon Rumble Blast

There is always an excitement in the air when word gets out that Nintendo is going to reveal a new Pokemon game. The problem is, not all of those games end up being mainline...


NYCC ’11: The Adventures of TinTin

The Adventures of TinTin wasn’t a game I intended to check out at New York Comic Con, to be honest with you the game wasn’t on my radar at all. While the movie looks...

Battlefield 3 Beta: First Impressions

Battlefield 3 Beta: First Impressions

Looks like Adriaan has gotten his hands on Battlefield 3, and much like Gears and Halo, puts it through its paces. Check out his first impressions and general overview of the game below.