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Top 7 Animated Series Reboots

With the release of the ReBoot…reboot trailer hitting the web, fans learned that not all animated reboots are created equal. We come today to share with you 7 animated series reboots that continued the...


Comic Book Review – Teen Titans #1

Teen Titans #1 Writer: Will Pfeifer Artist: Kenneth Rocafort Colorist: Dan Brown Letterer: John J. Hill I’ll be honest, I hated absolutely Scott Lobdell’s recent run with the Teen Titans. I did not like...

Black Ops Intro – It’s a New Day

Black Ops Intro – It’s a New Day

It’s a new day for Call of Duty fans worldwide this week as Treyarch brings out the title we’ve all been waiting for, Call of Duty: Black Ops. Will this game have what it...