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What’s Next For The Maharaja?

Jinder Mahal’s reign as WWE Champion is over. It was an unlikely reign that ended abruptly, as this week’s tape-delayed edition of SmackDown Live saw A.J. Styles take the title off of Mahal. Lasting...


Nerds on the Rocks: Scheduled for One-Fall

What’s a pinfall?
Why is it a 3 count?
Difference between a count-out and a DQ?
We got you covered on the basics of pro-wrestling

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Bar Banter: Movie Achievements

You’ve come home from the theater. You’ve just seen the most recent blockbuster film. Now what? I mean you’ve already seen the film, there’s really no reason to see it again? I mean you...


Valentine’s Day on The Rocks

Valentine’s Day is upon us again. That means candy and flower sales skyrocket, and that’s a great boon for the economy. There is also a huge market for Valentine’s Day cards from the simple...