Ask a Dork: Sick & Lazy

“What are some productive things you would recommend a person while sick?” Honestly? You’re going to have to limit your productivity somewhat if you’re sick. The most important thing you can do while under recovery is sleep. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the past five days of being nigh-comatose with man-cold, it’s that your […]


Review Shooter: Catherine (Xbox 360/PS3)

(Review submitted by Phil Dean ) Finally the next game from the Persona Team, am I right? Well, if you’re coming into this game expecting something along the lines of Persona then you’re going to be thoroughly disappointed. It’s not really your fault if you’ve been mislead either; they’ve labeled “Persona Team!” all over this game. It’s even […]


151 Proof Movies: Oscar Edition

The Academy Awards are the standards for awards show in any form of entertainment. And that’s why we are here to knock it down a few pegs with the first ever 151 Proof Awards Show Rules! Like the 151 Proof rules for movies, these are always a work in progress, but really won’t matter for […]