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Kaiju Kommentary: Godzilla 2000

Displeased with Hollywood’s handling of one of its most precious and lucrative franchises, Japanese film giant Toho changed its plans to stop producing Godzilla films for a full decade and immediately began work on Godzilla 2000,...


Kaiju Kommentary: Godzilla (1998)

One can only discuss the Godzilla franchise for so long before having to acknowledge the “gorilla-whale” in the room that is 1998’s Godzilla. Hot off the heels of the hugely successful Independence Day, director...


Star Trek into Digital Future

Over the past few years we have seen the war between digital and physical media being waged in all forms of entertainment. The one with the most dynamic battle right now, appears to be...


Nerds on the Rocks 132: Television Goes Hollywood

This week, Earl, Trent and Wesley sit down to talk about television shows that got the big-screen treatment in honor of the release of Star Trek into Darkness. We talk the good, the bad...

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