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Green Lantern #20 Review

Green Lantern #20 Review Written by: Geoff Johns Art by: Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy Cover by: Doug Mahnke Note: The following review is full of SPOILERS Well there we have it the end...


DC Film Universe: The Justice League

The Justice League We begin with a flash back thousands of years ago with a peaceful Martian race. They avoid violence at all costs. They have many “powers” including super strength, shape-shifting, invisibility, flight,...


DC Film Universe: Phase One

We have heard plenty of rumors about the Justice League movie since the success of the Avengers. Now while people will be critical of this movie since it is post Avengers. DC needs to...


Review Shooter: Green Lantern 2

Writer: Geoff Johns Artist: Doug Mahnke  The more things changes, the more they stay the same. Seems to be a motto that can usually be fitted across comic-dom. Death is never permanent. Sidekicks take...


Nerds on the Rocks 51: Ring Capacity

The Green Lantern movie is out and is met with mixed reactions from our cast of merry Nerds! We discuss which elements shined brightest and which elements should have remained in the blackest nights!...

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