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Date Night Gaming – Until Dawn

NOtR’s premier let’s play YouTube channel returns this week with a very special Halloween episode. We cover the first little chunk of Until Dawn. Check it out:


Date Night Gaming – The Evil Within

NerdsOnTheRock’s premier couple LP is back with a fun little play-through of The Evil Within to prep you for the month of October. Thumbs up if you liked it. Share if you’re feeling super...


Mario Kart 8 – Date Night Gaming

NOtR’s favorite romantic LP returns this week with Mario Kart 8. We discuss farting while dating, rely heavily on stars, and fail at 200cc. It would really help us out if you could like...


Super Mario World + Announcement – DNG

Helloooooooooo fellow Nerds. As you may (or may not) have noticed, we didn’t post an LP episode last week. Mostly because we were busy getting engaged. Yup, we’re pretty pumped. To celebrate, we played...

Mass Effect 2 original

Top 7 Box Art Styles This Generation

Irrational Games lit quite a spark when it revealed the official box art for BioShock Infinite back in December. The cover was rightfully maligned for boiling a beautiful, unique, and multi-layered adventure down to...

Review Shooter: STAR WARS Knight Errant: Deluge #3

Review Shooter: STAR WARS Knight Errant: Deluge #3

STAR WARS Knight Errant: Deluge Part 3 of 5   Script: John Jackson Miller Pencils: Iban Coello Inks: Sergio Abad Colours: Michael Atiyeh   I’ve been wanting to follow a Star Wars series or...