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The Crossover Connections 2: Enter Ready Player One

For the second episode of Crossover Connections, we wanted to tackle one of the most divisive properties in recent memory, Ready Player One. But aside from its own reception, we thought it would be...

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Crossover Corner: Batman/Elmer Fudd #1

Friend or Foe? Time travel or Space Travel? Worlds Collide or Combine? In the Crossover Corner, we look to examine the meetings of some of fiction’s greatest characters and document their encounters. Spoilers Ahead!...


Happy Hour: Wholock

Happy Hour is a place where we share a piece of the internet that made us smile. Today, we bring you a fun little crossover between Doctor Who and Sherlock!

Review Shooter: Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Review Shooter: Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

This is the 2nd Power Ranger movie I’ve watched in a week and I really don’t know where to begin so let’s steal a Wiki about it… The evil space alien Divatox plans to...