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Comic Book Review – Teen Titans #1

Teen Titans #1 Writer: Will Pfeifer Artist: Kenneth Rocafort Colorist: Dan Brown Letterer: John J. Hill I’ll be honest, I hated absolutely Scott Lobdell’s recent run with the Teen Titans. I did not like...


Nerds on the Rocks 30: Nerdily Rumble

We’ve all done it. Gone over the stats, the figures, the history. We’ve boiled it down to the bare essentials and the most obscure facts. I’m talking about matching up fictional characters in all...

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NoTR 30 Countdown Day 3

NoTR 30 Countdown Day 3

We continue to rock and roll as we reach Friday’s big event, Nerds on the Rocks 30. Our very first, Versus podcast, pits fictional icons against each other fitting whatever criteria you want in...