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Harrow County 7

Dan’s Comic Reviews: Week of Nov 11th 2015

The “Zodiac Starforce” face invading monsters, “Unity” teams up for the last time, the Vine target Harada in “Imperium”, and we get a double shot of Cullen Bunn creepy-ness in “Harrow County” and “Hellbreak”...


Ask a Dork: Bad Movies

“What makes a movie “bad” to you? Are there elements that are absent or over indulgent?” I may be outside the norm on this one, but it is my opinion that movies should be...


151 Proof Movies Hangover: The Room

Thanks (I think?) to our fans and readers, we have accumulated quite the Bucket List of movies for 151 Proof Movies. And over the next few months (or years, its an extensive list), we’ll...