Nostalgia with a Twist: Goosebumps

Welcome back one and all, its been a while since we last did a Nostalgia with a Twist, and even then we were in the middle of our Disney Afternoon week/month/year marathon. I apologize a lot of little things happen which causes big… you don’t need excuses. All you need to know is I try and make this segment as fun and as enjoyable as possible, which sometimes means scrapping articles when I feel they aren’t up to snuff.

Now that the LONG backstory is out of the way, we could get back to what is truly important. Halloween! It is personally one of my favorite time of the year. And I imagine it would be the same for most nerds, I mean other than Comic Con when can you dress up as Klingon or Pikachu and not be looked at funny?

We’re gonna kick this month off the proper way by taking a look at a TV show that was based off of a series of books which was a pretty big part of my childhood and would imagine anyone around my age. Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, we shall be looking at R.L Stine’s Goosebumps. A bunch of children horror novels released in the early 90s. I mean even as a kid I never really found them scary, but they were always a good read.

Like any good idea, there is always potential for crossover appeal and thus the Goosebumps TV show was produced. It aired on Fox Kids in the mid 90s. So Readers beware, you’re in for a scare!

[youtube oF0n6xIsL_U]

The intro starts off like any good horror movie with a dark and ominous theme. It sounds like the same two piano keys they use for the Halloween theme.

As the music kicks in, we see a pair of shoes running through, what I can only imagine is a forest of some sort. We aren’t able to make out if this person is male or female, but they are almost evil. They are decked out in all black, and let’s be honest that’s never good.

Slowly we find out that the person is holding a briefcase with the name R.L Stine embossed on it. One would be pretty smart to bet on the briefcase belonging to Mr. Stine and the gloved hand holding it should also belong to Mr. Stine.

The briefcase is accidentally opened, I’m not exactly sure why? I mean if it is the famous writer, you would think he could afford a steadier briefcase than one that bursts open with his slightest touch or heavy wind. Who really knows though? In a neat little touch when the briefcase open, the music also takes on a lighter note. I wouldn’t say it isn’t dark, but its a bit more uplifting. Playful is perhaps a better word for it.

The contents of the briefcase, which appear to be blank pieces of paper, it could also just be the quality of the Youtube video hiding the important stuff start to fly out. The camera pans out a bit to reveal that the man is not in a forest, but in a grassy hill overlooking a quiet town.

Now this gets a little weird, apparently a magic G appears out of nowhere and starts its descent into town. Yeah, you read it correctly. The letter G is moving.

And the G has special powers! It passes a billboard with some lady who appears relatively happy. They don’t really show what’s she promoting but I guess that really isn’t THAT important. Then the magical G passes over her. Her smile turns to a frown and even her hairdo is redone. Yes, her hairdo on a billboard is redone because she changed her facial expression. It doesn’t make any sense to me either.

To show even more power that this magical G possess it passes a dog who is just enjoying his day on the porch. The G slowly passes by him and once it is over the dog, his eyes turns a demonic yellow color. And if Supernatural has taught me anything its that Yellow-eyed demons are evil. Extremely evil!

We see more of the G traveling, but nothing of note really happens, but I wanted to touch on the music one more. It still has that playful horror quality to it. Like you’re gonna get killed, but you might enjoy it? Yeah it sounds twisted, but it is a very nice touch to the song.  The music also picks up as the G finally enters a house. Yeah, apparently it can open doors as well. Though at this point, the least of our troubles.

It is time for the clip portion of our intro as we see excerpts from various episodes, I can only imagine. I should note that they are framed in like some green goo of sorts. Which at the times, I can’t imagine Nickelodeon being happy about nor do I know how it fits into the horror them. Unless because it was a kid’s show they couldn’t use blood, and for some reason green is always a sub for blood. Why is that?

During the clips, we see mummies, and scared children, and worms, and vampires and dummies and I’m saying and a lot. We also hear our first words in the intro. And get this…. they are the title of the show :O

We get some more clips before the green goo encapsulates the screen, and it is revealed to be spelling the name of the show. Goosebumps. Its all drippy and stuff so I assume its kid friendly blood, but don’t quote me on this.

As a whole, I have to say I would give the edge to the intro because I really dug the usage of the music. Most times, themes tend to try and get you into the show by being uplifting and catchy, and it works. But I feel like this has been the first theme that has really set an adequate tone for the intro and I can only imagine the rest of the show.

The intro as a whole does nothing wrong really, and it kind of leaves you wanting more which is a nice hook. Of course being a compilation show, it is hard to really focus on any character or element but I think it works in this case.

So there you have it R.L Stine’s Goosebumps the series. Check it out!

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