Nerds on the Rocks 30 Countdown: Day 1

We’re gonna try something different for Nerds on the Rocks 30 since the podcast is centered around various fictional match-ups, we thought we would extend our audience a chance on voting/commenting on these match-ups before the podcast goes live on Friday.

Each day we will highlight several of the match-ups discussed on the podcast and leave it here for listeners to vote on. Let’s get to the big board for our Day 1 match-ups.

Solid Snake vs Sam Fisher

  • Solid Snake the star of the Metal Gear/ Solid franchise is no stranger to danger, and a master of the stealth game. The man is a warrior through and through and as proven in MGS 4 will continue fighting even in his old age.
  • Sam Fisher the star of the Splinter Cell franchise is a man who loves to live in the shadows. A master of stealth and the fire-arms, Sam is a man possessed. Master of hand to hand and weapon combat.
Solid Snake vs Sam Fisher

Speed Racer vs Captain Falcon

  • Speed Racer, the central character in the Speed Racer anime/cartoon as well as the recent movie, is the driver of the Mach 5. He has a loyal and dedicated team on his side including Pops Racer, Chim Chim, and Sparky. Also one of his rivals, unbeknown to Speed Racer, is his brother Racer X. :O
  • Captain Falcon, the most prominent racer from the F-Zero franchise and a star fighter in the Super Smash Bros series, drives the Blue Falcon vehicle. He is a capable fighter who has mastered the Falcon Punch and Falcon Kick!
Speed Racer
Captain Falcon

There you go the first two match-up, let us know who you think will win and why in the comments section below.

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