The Best of Mythology in Movies

With the recent rumors circulating about the Wonder Woman movie, we thought it would be a good time to look at some of the best portrayal of ancient myths on the big screen!

Tales of mythology, fantasy and supernatural happenings and everything in between are the perfect fodder for TV shows and movies these days with audiences around the world lapping up what producers have to offer. There aren’t many true classic tales of mythology that haven’t been touched by Hollywood in some form or another but there have been a number of stand-out adaptations worth taking note of that still live long in the mind of film fans and movie buffs.


Growing up this was always a classic staple of afternoon TV. The legendary Greek hero Jason goes on a search for the Golden Fleece and faces numerous enemies and creatures on his quest. The film is most famous for the glorious stop-motion animation sequences created by the late celebrated animator Ray Harryhausen. The scene between Jason and skeleton warriors is just one of the incredible sequences featured in the movie that merges live action actors with Harryhausen’s creations.


Proving that they weren’t afraid to tap into any source material for their next greatest animated achievement Disney unleashed Hercules back in 1997. Whilst only being loosely based on the Greek hero himself- and including numerous musical numbers, as expected- the movie was still a thoroughly enjoyable mythological romp filled with plenty of good old fashioned family entertainment. This classic hero has been the source for many successful spin-offs including the Hercules-inspired Titans of the Sun online slots.

THE CLASH OF THE TITANS (1981)Clash_Titans_1981

The master stop-motion animator Ray Harryhausen was at it again in 1981 when he became the go-to guy to piece together even more memorable mythological creatures. These were the days before computer generated effects and ‘The Clash of the Titans’, which featured a stellar cast, came to life with some brilliantly visual effects some of which, even with their somewhat passé look, still look impressive and effective.

TROY (2004)

The Trojan War came to life in 2004 when this ensemble piece became the retelling of the fiery and bloody battles between the Greeks and the Trojans. Brad Pitt starred alongside Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom and it was an action-filled effort that was based rather loosely around that of Homer’s Iliad. It was quite the entertaining spectacle that helped restore Hollywood’s interest in the Gods and warriors from various walks of myths and legends.

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