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Infirmos Mortem: Chapter II

Missed Chapter I? Confused what INFIRMOS MORTEM is about? Click Here!


After far too long of a delay, the interactive short fiction mini-series returns! INFIRMOS MORTEM: CHAPTER II continues right where the inaugural installment left off. I won’t spoil specifics for those new to the series, but from the very first page the readers’ influence is already affecting the story! Infirmos Mortem‘s signature feature–the input of the collective audience in affecting Tullius’ key decisions–remains alive and well, with a few adjustments. Remember, voting remains opens for 1 week and will close on Wednesday, May 30 at 11:59pm PT. The new structure of the voting system (courtesy of SurveyMonkey) means the poll will likely stay open after that, but make sure to vote in the next week to ensure you are counted! Without further ado…


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Note: most web browsers can view the PDF file natively. If you would like to download the copy, simply right click (PC), ctrl+click (Mac), or long-tap (iOS) the above link.


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