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Game of the Year Reader Choice 2011

Last year, we introduced the Red Phone (and in that one year still haven’t come up with a better name!). A way for our readers to call in or send messages for their picks for our GoTY podcast. It turned out to be a ton of fun and we got a lot of user input so we’re bringing it back again. 
Below, you’ll find a list of all of our categories and are free to call in and leave your picks for any or all of them. We’ll include all the messages we receive into our two part GoTY podcast in early 2012!
If you want to call our Voice Mail (Google Voice Account) just call 347 470 NERD (6373). If you don’t wanna call or can’t you can also drop us a line with your picks at DW@NerdsontheRocks.com either voice or a list, and we’ll read some of them on air.
  1. Best/Worst Game
  2. Best Weapon
  3. Best game that got you fired (Game from a studio that closed down) ( http://games.ign.com/articles/121/1213678p1.html )
  4. Best/Worst Character
  5. Best Franchise Revival
  6. Best Licensed Game
  7. Biggest Disappointment
  8. Best Motion Controlled Game
  9. Best Soundtrack
  10. Biggest Surprise (game quality)
  11. Most Innovative
  12. Best Original Game Mechanic
  13. Best Subtitle
  14. Best Boss Fight
  15. Worst Box Art
  16. Best Port
  17. Technical Achievement in Graphics
  18. Visual Achievement in Graphics

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