A Day in the Life of a Jedi (Star Wars)

11LAD15 Josh Proud A Jedi Knight’s daily routine

When we see them on the big screen, the Jedi Knights are always right in the thick of the action, fighting against the evil empire. But are you left wondering what else they get up even after taking the Ladbrokes Star Wars quiz? What does their everyday life look like when they have clocked off from duty?



Obviously a Jedi Knight will want to get an early start, as the code of Jedi Order doesn’t really allow for lazing about in bed ‘til eleven o’clock. As you would expect of people dedicated to higher pursuits and selfless good service, Jedi Knights are not exactly big on junk food. It is part of their teachings that diet plays a major role in maintaining positive energy (and that all important Force), so breakfast has to be healthy and balanced. As we saw in A New Hope, a typical breakfast is likely to feature vegetables, meat, scrambled eggs and the famous blue milk.



After having their breakfast, the next part of a Jedi Knight’s daily routine will be a spot of exercise. Of course, this does not mean visits to the gym – instead Jedi exercise routines are more likely to consist of walking and running at regular intervals throughout the day. Furthermore, they also know that it is important to exercise your mind as well as your body – ensuring spending all day on the computer watching Wackiest Wookie videos is out of the question. Jedi Knights will be sure to set themselves tasks for each day that require them to stretch their minds, whether they are maths, science or philosophy-based, to help make sure that they are keeping both their minds and bodies healthy.

The main part of the day

JEdiTempleOf course a fair part of the average day in the life of a Jedi Knight will involve work, but even when they are not working they are devoted to service. Thus you will not find them slipping off to the pub or the cinema during their ‘downtime’. As we saw with Obi Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker, a big part of the Jedi lifestyle involves mentoring and helping younger people achieve Jedi knowledge. Thus a big part of each day for a Jedi Knight will be spent seeking out potential young people to be apprenticed into the life of the order, as well as promoting Jedi values of improvement through good works, volunteering and charity. More senior Jedis may also have to attend conferences as negotiators and diplomats. Of course, they will take time off for lunch, which is likely to be similar to the sort of food they had for breakfast – depending on where they are and what is available in the nearest eatery.


After an evening meal, again consisting of that all important balance of meat, vegetables and dairy, the Jedi will typically have an early night. The Jedi Order recognises the importance of a decent night’s sleep for ensuring that body and mind remain healthy – thus nightclubs are not a part of the Jedi Knight’s daily routine.

As you can see, the day-to-day life of a Jedi Knight is all about routine and discipline – very different to what we see in the films.

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