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Comic Book Crisis Guide: A Way Out

Before we start this section of the guide, I just need to ask some basic questions.

  1. Do you own a teleporter?
  2. Are you able to travel between dimensions?
  3. Do you know anyone with an inter dimensional portal?
  4. Are you capable of space travel?
  5. Access to a working time machine?

If you answered yes to any├é┬á of the above questions, you are in good shape and don’t need to read the rest of this section of the guide. But if you are like the mass populace, you sadly do not have access to technology on this level. This section of the guide shall help you in matters of transportation.

Panic in the Streets

There is no way to avoid it. People see cars exploding in front of their eyes,├é┬ámeteorites├é┬ástriking their homes and men and women who’s mere punches shatter buildings. They get├é┬áfinicky├é┬áand start to panic. And dollar to donuts, you will as well.

It happens.

You regain your composure and you start to think more logically. Now comes the most important part of this guide.

Do you stay or do you go?

Now I know you must be asking yourself what reason would I have to stay? And the only correct answer is that its a lot worse trying to leave.

Think about it for a second. You have people throwing cars at each other, blowing up train tracks, sinking ships and taking out bridges. Those make for VERY poor odds of survival. And it may be better to remain in the vicinity in hopes that the storm just passes you by.

This is a scene you may need to get use to seeing.

So let’s briefly touch on what you should do if you are staying home.

Staying Home

Now, I want to clarify something when I say staying home it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stay at home. Maybe your city is use to being attacked by├é┬ásuper-villains├é┬áand has some fallout shelters where you can get food and a nice comfortable bed until the chaos passes over.

Perhaps you want to be with your loved ones so you find the person with the safest or biggest house. Do what makes you feel comfortable just try not to be outdoors for too long.

You may have a family member who is just that paranoid.

And for the most part that covers staying home.

  1. Have food. Water. Clothes. Bed
  2. Try to avoid going outside/vehicles as much as possible.
  3. Spare batteries/back-up generators.

Basically, think of anything you would need to survive a natural disaster and you are set.

Trying to Flee

The first and most important rule is have SOME form of communication. You want to be kept abreast of the situation at ALL times because things can go south in no time.

So how do you flee the city?

Most common routes would include driving, maybe catching a ferry if live on a coastal city and of course flying. Now your means of escape depends on the type of crisis you are facing. For more on that see part one!

Intergalactic├é┬áthreats, would probably be safer NOT to fly because they tend to shoot down any air crafts as hostile. Cars and water are probably your best bet since they don’t know the infrastructures to attack for the most part so unlikely they’ll go after road ways and no real way to destroy water so unless attacking boat/ferry directly you’ll be fine.

He may not always be there

Invasion from a parallel world is a toughie. Most likely their world is VERY VERY similar and they will know how to cripple movement into and out of a city. So I would look for them to destroy roads and bridges. They make take out docks and harbors. And I would def not try and fly anywhere so I would go with staying home during this type of crisis.

Finally, a civil war between heroes or heroes and villains is probably your safest type of crisis to avoid. They will be too busy at each other’s throats to really do any intentional damage but├é┬ácollateral├é┬ádamage would be high. So I would suggest NOT staying indoors for these. And roads, skies and sea are perfectly good to travel.

Thank you for joining us in the second part of this guide. Safe travels are now within your reach.

Earl Rufus

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  1. Derek says:

    See…I always thought that there is no way a super-villain has enough time and patience to level an ENTIRE city. Usually they will just make one to two sweeps through and if this happens, staying might be the best choice. Just judge the destroyers movement and path of destruction and hide accordingly.

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