151 Proof Movies: The Snyder Effect

There are some film-makers who have their own unique calling card. Whether, its how they frame their intros, or certain scenes they re-use, some just become associated with a distinct style. One of this generation’s film-makers like that is Mr. Zack Snyder. The man who is penned to helm the next Superman movie, has several movies under his belt.

One thing that has been clear in his body of work, is that Snyder loves the use of slo-mo shots for his films. 300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch, and the list goes on uses them to great effects, even if they can become tiresome at times.

Which is why we are proud to enter Zack Snyder into the halls of the 151 Proof Movies with the Snyder Effect, which simply put is drinking whenever slow-motion is used in a movie.

If you want to tough it out, you can also drink throughout the duration of a slow-motion segment (Trust me, it can mess you up with the right movie!)


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