151 Proof Movies: Street Fighter The Movie Drinking Game Viewing Party

That’s a long ass title, but since we’ve done Street Fighter: The Movie Drinking game rules, twice on the site I don’t mind!

Either way, this week (Friday, August 16th 2013), we will be hosting a live viewing party of Street Fighter: The Movie via TinyChat.

First order of business then, the 151 Proof Movie TinyChat link. I’ll be in the room early in the evening to greet any early fans, but the fun will begin at around 10 PM ET/7 PM PT.

Second order of business, the rules! We will mostly be re-using the rules we have for the previous two viewings with one minor addition.

  1. Take a drink, every time Bison or Bisonopolis is mentioned.
  2. Take a drink, every time the word “home” is uttered.
  3. Take a drink, every time someone flexes/poses.
  4. Take a drink, every time someone gives a cheesy line/pun.
  5. Take a drink, for every time a new, major player is introduced in the film.
  6. Take a drink, for every special move performed in the movie.

Third, the booze… or lack of booze. While this is a drinking game, and Swan and I will be enjoying fine beverages, feel free to join us for a viewing of the film either way. It’s a fun film, drunk or sober!

But if you are drinking, we recommend at least a 6-pack so you don’t run out of booze or a really well-made mixed drink!

Finally, viewing!

As noted before, the movie is available to stream on Netflix, or you can try and rent it. We will do our best to accommodate all the different viewing methods. We don’t need to be completely in-sync, but will try our best.

There you go. Join us tomorrow night for some Street Fighting!

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