151 Proof Movies: Rubber Nipple Rule

This rule was originally proposed when I did the 151 Proof Movies for Batman and Robin, and its a very similar rule, but it can also be used as a “nuclear” option.

First, the rule. Simply put, its a rule in which you drink until 1) The movie becomes tolerable. 2) Until you’re so drunk it doesn’t matter. 3) You pass out. 4) The movie ends.

Its really a worst-case scenario type rule. And really there are probably only a handful of movies it would work on.

Now as I learned with Sucker Punch last night, it can also be used as a nuclear option in case the movie you are watching turns out to be surprisingly awful. The same rules apply but has to be declared by all parties during the viewing of the movie. Again, its like a last-ditch effort to save a bad thing!

There you have it, the Rubber Nipple Rule for Nerds on the Rocks.

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