151 Proof Movies: Max Payne Drinking Games

[A weekly segment, in which the site comes up with drinking rules for various movies. Most are notable for their lack of quality, and the rules are put to the test.]

Welcome once more to 151 Proof Movies, the only way to enjoy the best in terrible cinema. This week, we return to the virtual realm (we’ve done a LOT of video game movies) and delve into Max Payne. A game that on paper seems like it would make for an excellent gritty, film noir detective movie. Sadly, doesn’t look like what we got at all.

But let’s head on down to the rules!

  1. Bring the Payne!– Every time someone says “Max Payne”, “Max” or “Payne”, take a drink.
  2. Bullet Time Active– Every time there is slo-mo or “bullet time” in the movie, take a drink.
  3. Look Into My Eyes– Every time Marky Mark does the trademark Wahlberg Stare, take a drink.
  4. Do You See What I See?– Every time “magic” or an hallucination happens, take a drink.
  5. Death to the Max– Every time something is killed/murdered on screen, take a drink.





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